Welcome to Jollytots!

Jollytots provides a wide range of day-care services:
  • Pre-school services at Victoria Road nursery
  • Afterschool clubs (P1 to P7) at Oakfield Community Centre and Acorn Integrated School
  • Breakfast clubs for P1 to P7 children at Victoria Road and Acorn Integrated Primary School
  • School pick up from all schools in the area
  • School Holiday club for primary school children during school holidays

Our Ethos

This is about creating a happy environment for children. A positive, cheerful staff disposition goes a long way towards children's happiness. An actual smile demonstrates encouragement and approval to a child and makes them feel happier.

Our staff organise and plan interesting and varied activities for children and the following types of activity are undertaken very regularly by all staff - story telling, singing, nursery rhymes, physical games, painting, drawing and dressing up. This is by no means exhaustive.

Our staff will interact with children both individually and in groups so that they get to know the children, talk with them, listen to what children have to say and take what they say into account. Jollytots is much more than a babysitting or childminding service and staff are expected to closely participate in activities with our children, actively encouraging them and helping them.


  • I would recommend Jollytots to anyone, I love it - GR
  • With my child being so ill as a baby, it's good to know that the staff could quickly identify if she just wasn't herself - KM
  • We are so glad we picked Jollytots to care for our child. We wanted the best care on offer and Jollytots provide that and more. You are our son's second family - TG
  • Very happy to have our second child join the club this September and I'm confident he will be well cared for and in safe hands - KC
  • I like the way the kids are encouraged to play outside when weather permits - JC
  • We particularly find the range of activities available for the children to be good and varied. The routines provided are also important. Our children are treated as individuals with differing needs. In addition I like the healthy meals offered which are of an excellent standard - VH
  • We have had nothing but a great experience with Jollytots - CB
  • I feel very settled leaving my child with you. Thank you for taking great care of him - AA