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Welcome to Jollytots

I'm delighted to report that our Nursery is operating at almost full capacity. 

With so many parents currently working from home we have just the one after school club at Acorn Integrated Primary School.  As parents return to their workplaces and require childcare we will bring back our Clubs at Oakfield, Woodburn and Sunnylands Community Centres.


Due to Covid 19, a major concern for us is Infection Control.  Please see our Infection Control policy document (updated Feb 2021) on the POLICY tab.  Let's keep all our children, parents and staff safe.

If you require childcare for nursery or primary school children please email or phone Jaclyn/Amy at 02893364630.



Jollytots provides the following day-care services:

  • Pre-school services at Victoria Road nursery

  • Afterschool clubs (P1 to P7) at Oakfield Community Centre, Woodburn Community Centre, Sunnylands Community Centre and Acorn Integrated Primary School.  Temporarily, due to the pandemic, only Acorn is operating.  

  • Breakfast clubs for P1 to P7 children at Acorn Integrated Primary School

  • School pick up from all schools in the area

  • School Holiday club for primary school children during school holidays

  • Facebook

Testimonials from


Sandra C - Our family has been using Jollytots nursery now for around 7 years, first with one grandson, then overlapped with a niece, who both still talk about it fondly and now again with my one-year-old grandson.  We have always found the staff to be friendly, helpful and efficient but more importantly, they do not just care for the children, they are caring towards them, warm and welcoming.  I can honestly say, that we have no worries when the children are in their care.  I would highly recommend Jollytots to anyone and would happily place any of my 10 grandchildren in their care.

Jayne R - My child has so far gone through 3 different aged rooms and I can say everyone has been very accommodating and they have all worked brilliantly depending on her needs. The care and focus the staff give her is amazing and I find her coming home each week learning new things!


Margaret A - I am very impressed with my 3-year-old Grandsons progression. He is constantly singing nursery rhymes, referring to things that he did in daycare that day. He knows the names of the children in the room with him and refers to them as his friends. He talks about the staff in a loving way and refers to conversations/learning opportunities he has experienced in daycare.
When I drop him off the staff are friendly, attentive and welcoming. I was very impressed when my husband went unannounced to pick my Grandson up that the staff weren't for handing him over.
Thanks girls you are doing a great job.


Emma R - Excellent day nursery, friendly well trained staff who helped my daughter to settle in. A lot of emphasis on learning and development through play and music. Good outside space to enjoy play and fresh air in good weather.  Would highly recommend.


Cat R - My daughter has been going to Jollytots part time for around 10 months and is very settled in the pre-school room. She talks about the other children by name and also the staff, she even wanted to name a new pet after a member of staff that she is particularly fond of. She tells me about the games she has played, songs she has sung and gives me any artwork/crafts she has made that day. She started going to Jollytots due to childcare circumstances changing suddenly and the nursery staff were very understanding and helpful with the days and hours that were required. I am very happy with the care provided by all of the team.

Our Ethos


This is about creating a happy environment for children. A positive, cheerful staff disposition goes a long way towards children's happiness. An actual smile demonstrates encouragement and approval to a child and makes them feel happier.


Our staff organise and plan interesting and varied activities for children and the following types of activity are undertaken very regularly by all staff - story telling, singing, nursery rhymes, physical games, painting, drawing and dressing up. This is by no means exhaustive.


Our staff will interact with children both individually and in groups so that they get to know the children, talk with them, listen to what children have to say and take what they say into account. 

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