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There are 39 people working at Jollytots Nursery and Clubs.  


21 Care Assistants

10 Supervisors

One Operations Manager

One Deputy Manager

Finance manager

Finance administrator



Managing director

Finance and personel director

It takes a lot of great people to make everything work!

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Jaclyn Robinson

Jaclyn is the Jollytots Manager. She has been working in Childcare for over 25 years both in the private and public sector. Jaclyn is very keen on developing the professional development of both herself and the staff in Jollytots as she feels this provides a positive impact for the children in her care. She also firmly believes that education begins at home and that it is extremely important for nursery and parents to have close positive relationships. There are several heart charities that Jaclyn has been associated with and helped with for many years and is also the Chairperson for the local Homestart charity along with providing respite foster care at weekends. She lives in Ballycarry with her partner and two children Lucy 24 and Rachel 22.

Deputy Manager

Amy Luney

Amy is Jollytots Deputy Manager. Amy has worked in day-care for over 10 years with hands on experience as a nursery assistant and supervisor. During this time, she has gained knowledge and understanding working with children of all ages. She enjoys all sorts of messy play but never ever bring her near glitter!! Amy enjoys directing and taking part in a range of dramas throughout the year with her church. Amy lives in Larne with her husband, Carl and one year old twins Zach and Adelaide who keep her very busy!

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